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posted Dec 18, 2011 11:04:01 by leonbryan123
bug list:
rcon hack ==== 50%/50% ===== 0% >.< can't hack
aimbot hack == Cbutton ===== press C = nothing
another function:
how to use it?
=(( if you improved it i'll not use it (i will use something like Geek4ever or morphook) [bad]
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Torjan55 said Dec 18, 2011 13:05:33
hello :)

thanks you for shared your bugs

but its not bug..
Aimbot Hack
Cbutton = Ctrl Button
Abutton = Alt Button

i'm will say all hotkey Soon..
leonbryan123 said Dec 19, 2011 04:16:32
new bug found:
click on the minimap =.= you will see the bug
leonbryan123 said Dec 19, 2011 04:18:09
Cbutton = stupid
spacebar = good =)) change plz

minimap error"
click on the minimap you will see the error =P
mynameismc46 said Dec 21, 2011 17:30:01
PLZ help me, i've got a BIG problem:
i download, extract... i open and it works.
After i close it and when i open it again, it don't works! i press d12 but nothing!
help me!
i select foldere the game
i'm not english, sry for bad language
[Last edited Dec 21, 2011 17:30:32]
avatar said Dec 21, 2011 21:41:35
just select folder and Click Start Game
and wait <5> second ..freeze ur mouse
and click in game
and play ...
mynameismc46 said Dec 22, 2011 17:15:15
i freeze my mouse but it don't works!!!
mynameismc46 said Dec 22, 2011 17:26:07
avatar said Dec 23, 2011 10:10:46
Just Run The File With run administrator

[Last edited Dec 23, 2011 10:11:13]
mynameismc46 said Dec 23, 2011 11:55:00
THXTHXTHXTXH it works now!! i must only to run it administrator! THANKS!!!
avatar said Dec 23, 2011 13:48:10
Your Welcome..

and wait new version:

ryuzaky7 said Jan 06, 2012 16:58:38
help me plz when i activate any hack like aimbot or aimshot or something like this they are not working and at aimbot idk what to press to activate it i press space nothing happens :( and at aimshot too :( help me plz
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